Garden with sun shade
Patio area with waterproof sun shade


Your garden is unique.

It’s unique in terms of its characteristics – its size, elevation and climate, and also its features – things like views, trees or walls.

It’s also unique in terms of what you want from it – how you’ll use it; where the bins are kept or where you park your cars; what games your children like to play.

Lastly, you will have specific tastes and styles that are unique to you.

So whilst we are all inspired by pictures in magazines or visits to eminent gardens, inspiration isn’t the only ingredient for your perfect garden.


When I worked in graphic design I always thought it was easy to design a poster or advert until you had to add all the information and details. Creating something beautiful seemed simple. Creating a cohesive design that incorporated text, contact details, logos and terms and conditions was a whole other ball game!

The same applies to gardens. Good, thoughtful design takes the multitude of uses you have for your garden and works out how to fit them together harmoniously.

We have a modest garden with a wide range of practical demands upon it. A tool shed, bike storage, bins and composting, a log store, a place to eat, lawn for playing. Then there’s the question of the things we want: a sand pit, a fruit tree, bee friendly planting, a long season of interest.

These days, I think it’s fair to say we’re all looking to our gardens to provide us with a bit of a sanctuary too.

Herb garden within reach of the kitchen door

Community Garden Design
Concept Drawing for a Sustainable Community Garden and Meeting Place


Getting all these things to work together is a fascinating challenge.

In terms of what I achieved in a small terrace garden, I hope that what you’ll see from the plan and photos on this page, is that with careful design it’s possible.

A garden designer is someone who can apply this thoughtful consideration to your outdoor spaces. In turn, their understanding of plants, materials and building techniques will mean it’s a plan that can be transferred from the page (and the imagination) to a real, functional, and beautiful garden. 

Looking for function and beauty?

Let’s get designing your perfect garden

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”

– William Shakespeare