My hope is to give you a gardening experience that is a little different from the norm. In short, the Wild Gardener Approach is to give you a truly excellent level of customer service; to try and take the most eco-friendly route to building and maintaining your garden; and to support people with gardens of all sizes to enjoy their spaces.

Read on to find out more…


When someone comes to work on your home or garden, you want to feel confident about your choice.

You want to be confident about the quality of the work, that communication will be clear and timely throughout, and that your home will be treated with the same respect that you afford it.

This is my commitment when you work with The Wild Gardener.


I’m interested in creating gardens that shift the paradigm away from the intense use of resources. Don’t expect my plans to include ranks of greenhouse-grown petunias, shipped over from Holland in polystyrene containers!

Where possible I take a sustainable approach to gardening. I use robust naturally disease-resistant tough plants only ever bed them down in peat-free compost. 

I look for locally-sourced, sustainable materials in my hard landscaping.

I try and avoid noisy and destructive practises during both the build and maintenance – such as using a scythe rather than a strimmer.

I’m really interested in ways to conserve and re-use resources in the garden, so talk to me about how we can build this into your design.



I want to work with you on anything. From mighty makeovers to wilding a single corner of a small garden.

Small gardens are no impediment to creating a haven for life but nor is a piecemeal approach. There’s no reason why a wilder part of your garden can’t be designed to work in harmony with what you’ve already got.       

If you’re hearing the call of the wild, give me a ring.

Let’s start letting nature back into your garden.

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”

– William Shakespeare