When I was growing up my grandparents’ house had a huge garden. My grandpa was ever zealous with his hedge-trimmer and the weedkiller, so it was a bit too tidy for proper adventures.

But through the iron gate at the bottom, there was a spinney and fields with a disused quarry beyond.  There pyramidal orchids could be found, and ash poles that were perfect for bows and arrows.

Closer to home, our own cottage garden was plenty big enough to catch the imagination of growing children. A flowering blackcurrant collapsed over a crumbling wall made a fragrant hideout; and one summer a rambling buddleia became the nerve-centre of a complex village-wide, butterfly catching operation.


When we moved to Bollington just before my daughter was born it was hard to picture how our new garden was ever going to offer her the same sense of wonder. A small yard behind terraces, over-shadowed by neighbouring conifers and with almost nothing growing in it, it was a challenge to imagine how we could make it a wild place to escape to.

This seems to me to embody a wider challenge that we all face. How do we build nature back into the busy world we’ve created so it – and we – can thrive.

That challenge is why I’m the wild gardener.

Our garden now is a world of adventure for my daughter, brimming with life and the stories of the natural world. But it’s also a sanctuary for us: an instant escape for those brief snatches of time between parenting or work.


I bring a multi-disciplinary approach to designing and landscaping your garden.

As a plantsman I bring deep passion and knowledge for both our native flora, and for the perennials and grasses that play the leading role in naturalistic garden design.

As a designer I have over 15 years of experience in making beautiful things: from gardens to websites, posters, signage and beyond.

As an entrepreneur I’ve worked with high-profile clients like Facebook, ITV and the Bank of England. I am interested in providing an attentive, assuring and communicative experience to everyone I work with.

As a country lad from Somerset I have a profound love for our countryside. Whether it’s with spade in hand, or a pair of binoculars or a kayak paddle, the fun and fascination never ends for me.

If you’re hearing the call of the wild, give me a ring.

Let’s start letting nature back into your garden.

“Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”

– Hans Christian Anderson