PAS100 Green Waste Compost

I often use a ‘no dig’ approach with my ornamental plantings. I use a PAS100 Green Waste compost and can supply this in 900 litre bags in the Macclesfield area. It costs £65 per bag including delivery to within five miles of Macclesfield.

It’s the perfect stuff for no-dig vegetable plots as pioneered by people like Charlie Dowding. It’s also increasingly used in an ornamental setting – Tom Stuart Smith and Nigel Dunnett are both advocates. It is effective in suppressing weeds, reducing watering needs and supporting healthy plant growth. I think it creates a better environment for herbaceous plants than wood chip, which can be a bit coarse.

The compost is produced to a national standard called PAS 100. This accreditation was introduced so that gardeners could have some sense of certainty about what they were getting. Following the PAS 100 specification it should have a ph of between 7 and 8.8 – so slightly alkaline, and be fertile enough to grow tomatoes in it.

It does pack down once on the garden – a 900 litre bulk bag will give you about 600 litres of finished volume. For example, if you want to have a 10cm layer over an area of 12m2, you’ll need two bulk bags.

Please get in touch if you’d like some for your garden, allotment or community garden.

PAS100 Compost Macclesfield
PAS 100 Dumpy Bag