a wild place for nature

A beautiful place for you.

The Wild Gardener designs and makes beautiful gardens that provide a sanctuary for nature and an escape for you


Hello! My name is Ben Darlington and I am the Wild Gardener: a plantsman, garden designer and champion of greener living. I work in the Macclesfield and South Manchester area.

My work is to create you a garden that is a place of beauty, a practical addition to your home, and a haven for an abundance of natural life. I focus on planting-led designs executed with sustainability at their core.

Here you can find more information about me and my approach to design, and pictures of my work.

Ben is a lovely chap to work with. He did some great initial designs and has a fabulous knowledge of all things horticultural

– Joanne D, Bollington. Read more reviews on Google


wildlife pond

However big or small your garden, there are so many ways to welcome in the natural world. What’s exciting is that you don’t have to go all in at once: starting small is a great way to make a difference and there are lots of options to fit your plot.


Now is the time to make your garden a sanctuary. There’s nothing like designing a space from the ground up to guarantee a functional, beautiful place that’s a joy to spend time in. I can help you with the whole process of transforming your garden.

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You can make a difference. Whether you have a paved yard or an acre at your disposal, your garden is one patch in the green and pleasant quilt of our island home.

A haven for nesting birds; a feast for pollinators; a retreat for hedgehogs – wild your garden and you grow the world you want to see.

A wild place for nature is a beautiful place for you. Step through your door and immerse yourself in an environment of natural abundance where something different happens every day. Step through your door to find a serene and simpler version of yourself.

Whatever happened at work or on the news, your garden is the escape. A source of endless optimism and a daily reason to be cheerful. You’ve just got to let the wild in.

“You may expel nature with a pitchfork, but she will always return”

– Jeeves (quoting Horace to Wooster)